Ethan Holley

Ethan Holley loves his hometown of Dallas. Any chance to promote its countless opportunities for culture, sports, dining, education, recreation and everything else this growing city has to offer -- he takes and runs with. This vast metropolitan knowledge comes in handy with clients. After listening intently to their needs and wants, he puts it to work for them, ensuring they walk away from the table with a home that complements their life in a part of town that does as well.

With so many great area real estate companies to choose from, Ethan ultimately joined Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate because one of the company’s guiding principles mirrors his own: deliver a high quality product with impeccable service and integrity. He also has an eye for detail that serves well buyers and sellers alike during the negotiating and closing processes.

When Ethan’s not busy working hard for his clients, he works on his novel, plays golf, works out, reads and volunteers with “Living 4 Zachary.” 

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  • 1128 Pacific Richardson, TX 75081 - Image
    1128 Pacific Drive Richardson, TX 75081
  • 817 Knott Dallas, TX 75208 - Image
    817 Knott Place Dallas, TX 75208
  • 16205 Shadybank Dallas, TX 75248 - Image
    16205 Shadybank D... Dallas, TX 75248
  • 2108 Monticello Plano, TX 75075 - Image
    2108 Monticello C... Plano, TX 75075
  • 1126 Katelyn Irving, TX 75060 - Image
    1126 Katelyn Court Irving, TX 75060
  • 1505 Elm #1003 Dallas, TX 75201 - Image
    1505 Elm Street 1003 Dallas, TX 75201

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